Thursday, March 28, 2019

Best Days Ever

Yesterday was one of those best days ever in the classroom. Each year is filled with a few days that can be considered the worst and best days of the year, and yesterday was one of those best days.

First of all, after lots of arduous study, students did a great job on the math test. That made me so happy. I admit that I was questioning the deep study efforts that we were engaging in since those efforts required great perseverance. Yet when I saw how happy students were yesterday as they tackled the test, I realized that our efforts were well directed. Even for a few who struggled with some of the more complex questions, the growth in their perseverance, can-do attitude, good questioning, and solid performance were inspiring. I hope today's classes achieve with similar success.

Also the high school students came over to work with fifth graders related to a screen time project that they are doing. They rotated around the room discussing all kinds of screen topics with the students. They provided the students with good leadership models, models that represented respect, investment, good demeanor, and a view of what learning can be when you get older. I am grateful to the high school teachers who make the time to bring their students to the elementary school to work with us and inspire us.

It was also a beautiful day, the kind of day when children can easily play all the games they love to play on the playground--that brings lots of happiness too.

Today many more students will take the math test. I'll meet with my small reading group and hopefully finish the book we've been reading and students will have a chance to begin their science study review slide shows while I'm at the weekly student service meeting. A good day to come.