Tuesday, February 12, 2019

What can we do about students who need more or different?

In every class, every year, there are students who need more or different. In a good program, most students are making progress, but in a great program, all students are making progress.

What makes the difference?

Fidelity to Service Schedules
It's essential to create positive service schedules and then stay faithful to those schedules. As I think about this, I'm wondering if some of the following structures will help us with this fidelity to service schedules more:
  • Days w/o extra services and then using those days for field studies so students don't miss needed services during field studies.
  • Not planning service delivery during typical parent meeting times because when there's a parent meeting, those services are delayed or cancelled.
  • Patterns of service delivery substitution for days when service delivery professionals are absent or not able to provide services.
Targeted Services
When service provided focus on their main objectives and then synthesize those objectives with students' holistic academic and social/emotional needs, the learning is better. As much as possible when we can target services for most successful, empowered learning--the better the learning will be. To target services requires that all service providers share objectives and plans in timely ways so that optimal targeting and tailoring of services can occur. 

Modification and Enrichment
One aspect of targeting service delivery is to modify or enrich learning materials and efforts as needed to make the learning more engaging and profitable for the student.

Goal Setting
Since we can't do it all, it's essential that service delivery requires good goal setting by the team--that way the whole team can work on what's most important for a child with the idea of continual positive progression with skills, concepts, and knowledge.

Extra Support
Making time for extra support can also help these students. 

We have to be mindful of the students who are not making as much progress as other students. We need to find ways to support those students more and better. Onward.