Monday, February 11, 2019

The Week's Agenda: February 11th 2019

It's going to be another busy week and a positive week. What's on the Agenda?

Extra Help Mornings
I'll continue extra-help mornings this week to support students' project work and Valentine's boxes.

Fraction Projects
Students will complete fraction projects at the start of the week. I'll review the directions and then support students' efforts to completion.

Climate Change Service Learning Projects
Our naturalist in residence will visit to coach students ahead with these projects.

Portfolio Work
Students will complete an overall assessment of their fifth grade learning so far and place those reflections, assessments, and images into their portfolios for upcoming student-led family conferences.

Kindness to Self, Kindness to Others
I'll read the book Let's Talk About Race, lead a class discussion, and focus in on a project that helps students to think about the positive aspects of who they are. We'll discuss the fact that if you love and support yourself that positivity serves as a magnet with regard to your relationships with others. We'll also focus on kindness to others and creativity as we marvel at students Valentine's Day Boxes, vote for winners of multiple creative categories, and enjoy Valentine's Day cards.

Reading RTI Groups
We'll begin our new reading RTI groups and continue our all stop and read mornings.

Science Property Study
Students will review the properties of a number of objects as they continue to practice working as a positive science team and using lots of science tools and materials.

More Fairy Tales
To end the week, students will read more fairy tales with their buddies and decorate crowns as a symbol of the royalty characters that often star in fairy tale books.

After Vacation Prep
I'll xerox fraction study packets for after-vacation learning and collect fraction projects and other signature learning for vacation review and portfolio prep.

The big focus this week is to center the efforts on positive coaching students forward with as much care and attention as possible. Onward.