Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Student-Led Teacher/Family Member Conferences: Showcase Portfolio Updates

Students began updating their showcase portfolios yesterday with reflections, images, and examples of signature learning. Today we'll continue that effort as students focus on their overall learning attitudes, efforts, interests, and needs.

I'll begin this morning by leading students through a reflection packet where they will reflect upon a number of specific learning/teaching points. Then students will add images and signature work to their portfolios. I'll review their completed efforts and help out where needed. Next week students will use the portfolios as a guide to lead the student-led parent/family conferences.

We are making the time in the curriculum to focus in on students' ownership of their learning using the showcase portfolios that include reflection packets, images, and examples of signature work as the centerpiece of this effort. While I have tried using digital portfolios in the past, I still find that these handheld books are the best vehicle for the conference share and conversation at this age and grade in our teaching/learning community.

There have been many articles (see links below) about the value of student-led conferences recently, and both our experience and the evidence related to the value of these student-led conferences are what support the time we make to prepare for these worthwhile meetings twice a year.

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