Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Smooth Sailing

To teach any curriculum area with depth and meaning is a journey. Not unlike a good narrative, there's the introductions, the climb, the climax, the heart, and the bridge to connected learning. Today marked the start of a smooth sailing leg of multiple initiatives that the team has been working towards in the past month.

Fraction Projects
These projects challenged and engaged students. We're at the final stage and for the most part, the projects have been completed with care and understanding. Next steps will find us revisiting the concepts with greater explicit teaching, detail, and practice.

Teamwork and Science
We are truly working to foster greater skill and success with teamwork across the curriculum and with science specifically. Students will work in teams to study physical science, life science, and Earth science. They'll also team as they complete their climate change service learning projects, and the upcoming STEAM Projects. Finally they'll team at the end of the year as they construct their Global Cardboard Challenge projects.

To develop team, we're talking about it, using it as part of our rubrics, and providing examples via reading, video, and more. Students are definitely catching on to what's important in this regard and demonstrating better and better abilities to work successfully as teammates.

Science Study
As we continue to make the relatively new science standards and units a natural part of our teaching, we are making good progress. This is a valued area of the curriculum by all, and that value is motivating the effort it takes to succeed.

Students will engage in a lot of reflection as they update their showcase portfolios and prepare for student-led family conferences in the next couple of school weeks.

Friendship and Fair Play
This is a constant theme on the playground and in the classroom--a natural focus for fifth graders and one we are attentive to.

This is the short list for this smooth sailing segment of the school year. Onward.