Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Seeing beyond the daily drama to achieve what's possible

There will always be daily drama. This is especially true during the Trump years, years where the President baits us with shaming, blaming, exaggerating, and lies daily. It's easy to lose focus on the details of your daily work when the President of the United States threatens all kinds of troubling events, decisions, and threats.

There is also the daily drama at home and in the work place. Rarely is there a day without events to attend to--events that challenge your own family members and students, minor events, but events that demand attention nevertheless.

So how do you see and work beyond the daily drama distant and close to work towards the goals you have for your own work, family, and classroom?

As I write about often, but continue to find very challenging, it's all about how we manage and use our energy and time well. Where we focus the energy, time, and capacity to achieve what we can see out there in the distance matters.

We can't do it all. We are not superhuman. However, we can carve out time to do what we know matters most with regard to making positive change, developing strong programs, and serving students, families, and our colleagues well. Onward.