Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Post Learning Walks: Back on Track

Our team put a lot of time into prepping for the administrative learning walks. The upside of all this work is that it's work that serves the teaching/learning now and into the future well--the materials are better organized, the teaching pattern enhanced, and the learning environment updated. This is all good.

Now it's time to get back on track with the day-to-day teaching efforts. What's on the agenda?

Showcase Portfolios
Tomorrow I'll meet with most students to review the math sections of their showcase portfolios. Students will engage in math practice exercises and more portfolio work while I do that.

Lit Mix
We'll continue reading our book about a grandfather and grandson. I'm helping my small group learn to use brain frames to better understand, visualize, and enjoy stories in order to build their comprehension and interest in reading.

During prep time, I'll prepare for tomorrow's portfolio completion lesson for the homeroom, science model making lesson for the science rotation, and a focus on non-fiction reading for buddy time.

Professional Learning: The professional learning focus right now is computational thinking as I'll attend a state supported Saturday workshop on the topic this week and then follow up with teaching a computational thinking fraction unit to my students beginning next week.

Student-Led Family/Teacher Conferences
Next week will be a full week of conferences. Students will be ready to present their signature work and goals.

Principal Finalist Candidates
There are a couple of morning meetings ahead to meet the finalist candidates for the new principal position.

Climate Change Service Projects
There's a bit of prep to do to prepare for these teaching/learning lessons to come.

Our teaching/learning plates are full right now, but fortunately it's all positive and that's terrific. The open, honest, and inviting attitudes of so many leaders and colleagues in my midst has created a top-notch learning/teaching opportunity, and this is such a welcome event.