Thursday, February 14, 2019

Portfolio Prep

If you can't do it all well, do less better.

As I thought of the point above, I thought about what really matters in the days following vacation.

The first priority is student portfolios. Good preparation of the portfolios helps students tell their learning story to family members and teachers during the upcoming student-led parent conferences. What needs to be added to these portfolios?

The math classes need to complete and add the following:
  • Math reflection
  • Fraction project
  • Volume project
  • Stats sheet
  • Images of math learning
The homeroom needs to add these items:
  • overall reflection
  • words that describe you word clouds
  • images of learning
  • examples of meaningful, significant learning
To prep for these conferences, students also have to review the presentation script and process so they are well prepared to lead their conference.

This is an important priority because good portfolio prep and a positive student-led conference lays the foundation for the learning to come.