Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Politics Matter: Be Smart

We cannot afford to be manipulated, fooled, used, and cheated.

We have to be smart in today's world as we navigate politics, finances, laws, and leadership.

We can't forget that no matter how small we are, we have the power to make a difference and choose well.

What can we do?

Read, read, read and stay informed
Collect good articles that help you to understand current day politics, communication, and information well. Here's one article to start your research.

Talk to people, be generous
Yesterday I met a great young man who helped me with a car repair issue. As I spoke to him, I encouraged him to register to vote. I told him that his age group was the group that voted the least and the group that struggles the most. I encouraged him to register and to talk to his friends about registering. I told him about Senator Warren's ideas about universal child care, livable wages, and opportunity for all. The more we can get out there and talk to people about what matters, the more empowered our country will be.

Donate time, energy, capacity, and money
This is a tricky part of the equation because many people are maxed out. I suggest that you make some time to think about what you might be able to donate in terms of time and money, and do that. I am making time this weekend to think about this and make some decisions in this regard.

Believe in your individual and collective power
Don't be fooled by those who want you to believe you don't matter. Your every word, action, and choice matters.