Friday, February 15, 2019

Next Steps: After Vacation

Today was mostly a good day as students engaged in lots of reading, science study, and math practice.

The science program is beginning to take on more shape now that there are guiding routines, student roles, better organization of materials, and better teamwork. This is all good.

After vacation, I'll organize materials a bit more and teach the next lesson in this rotation.

With regard to math, we are pausing a bit for reflection, portfolio work, and to learn about an intelligent assistant that can help everyone study their math with a bit more depth. Students' study packets will integrate simple fractions and polygons as one way to teach two standards areas together. The following week we'll get into some explicit fraction review and practice leading up the Fraction One Test. Then I'll integrate measurement with Fraction II goals, and after that we'll review order of operations with the Marcy Cook tile activities the math coach reviewed with us today. With my RTI group, I'll continue to review computation of whole number operations in a large number of ways.

It's been a while in coming to get to this place of community and organization, and it's a good place to end one leg of the year and start the other.