Saturday, February 16, 2019

A New Principal

Our principal of many years is retiring, and next week we'll meet the two finalists who might fill his shoes. I'm thinking about this upcoming change.

Over my tenure I've worked for four principals. Each, like all of us, had their strengths and challenges. The principal job is a limitless proposition. In fact, I believe that the principal job should change somewhat as in many schools it is simply too big of a role without the time to do the tasks needed well. That being said, the role remains, and it's a very important role in any school.

As I think of the new principal, I realize that I'll greet this person in a much different way than I've greeted principals in the past. This time, I hope to be that teacher who does my best work by the children in my charge and helps out when needed rather than the teacher who is looking to change the whole school. In the past, I have centered largely on changing school structure, supports, and processes to better what schools can be. This has resulted in some successful change and some less successful efforts, but now with only a few years left as a teacher, I feel it's time for others to forward the future change while I work on the finesse and detail related to serving the students in my charge well. Of course I'll advocate when needed for what I believe in, but I won't play as large a role in that as in the past. I am also confident about so many new leaders in our union and system--leaders who demonstrate respect, intelligence, and awareness of what a good education looks like in modern times. This is positive.

Once again it appears that the process leading up to the finalists has been a fair and inclusive process. We'll see what the finalists have to say, who is selected, and what the transition process will be like?