Saturday, January 19, 2019

Move Towards Your Future

It's been a day of think as I read the news, review emails, and think about the future.

The news introduces us to a true leader in Nathan Philips, a Vietnam War veteran and member of the Omaha Nation. In the face of ridicule, discrimination, and disrespect by many young men from a Catholic High School who were ironically in Washington, D.C. for the March for Life, he stood up to speak for justice for all people. This was perfect timing before Donald Trump gets on the airways to spout more slick marketing manipulation as he continues he persistent mockery and contempt for our government, laws, freedom, and great diverse nation.

The news also shows us many, many women marching for what is right and just--good laws, freedom, and support for all people. They know that our President is self serving and not at all concerned with the livelihoods of everyday people. To him what matters is fattening his own pocketbook, popularity, and power--nothing else.

It's easy to get mired in the muck in these Donald Trump years--years marked by outdated back-vision and regressive policies, years of macho-politics by a seemingly lawless, narcissistic personality and his passive loyal cronies. He's the president that breaks all the playground rules, tantrums, shames, blames, lies, and exaggerates continuously. Yes, it's a real downer for the majority of Americans and as for those who still follow him--I can't imagine why. I think their either the elite that are benefitting financially from his choices or the impoverished who don't know better.

Whatever the case, I can't let his lack of values, discrimination, and poor leadership get in the way of what I believe is right and good. For me, I want to follow a positive path of service to others including my students, colleagues, friends, and family first. Those are my priorities and there's lots that I can do to better my efforts in their regard. I also want to work to support strong communities, leaders, laws, and policies, and I'll be thinking about how to do that better in the days ahead.

To begin, however, the focus needs to be on the following:

  • good, positive, healthy living and energy'
  • a warm, simple, and welcoming home
  • a students-first engaging, empowering, enriching educational environment
  • positive service and collaboration with students, their families, and colleagues
  • advocacy and support for positive life-affirming policies, laws, and leadership including environmental protections, quality education and health care, health communities, non violence efforts, world peace initiatives, and a positive national culture. 
Time to get continue. . . .