Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Challenge of New

I generally welcome new experiences, but like everyone else I face the challenge of new experiences and endeavor. When you are embarking on a new experience or event for the first time, you simply don't know what's expected, how to be ready, or what to do.

I experienced this during the week when I tried out a completely new lesson in the classroom. One student exclaimed, "I love this." while the challenge of the learning event brought tears to another. I was trying to manage the new event in ways that would support everyone's learning, but clearly there's room for betterment here even though overall the lesson is a keeper.

Similarly this weekend I've experienced a host of new places and new events each requiring me to be focused and learning the entire time. Questions about what to say, what to do, how to plan, and where to go have been constants as I've navigated events related to my sons' lives.

It's good to try something new now and then. First, as an educator, when we try something new, it helps us to build empathy for our students who are always being asked to engage in new efforts and terrain. Next, it broadens our ability to teach well and humbles us too.

There's a number of new events to come today and tomorrow too. The key, as in all things, is to have good energy, take your time, be positive, and do the best you can. The challenge of new ultimately keeps us fresh and growing which is important at any age. Onward.