Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Professional Study: The Reading List 2019-2020

Every year I create a reading list. I generally create this list when questions arise that I don't have answers to and when the great articles and book recommendations shared begin to outweigh the time or mind I have in the day. Often I have snippets of time, but not that long stretch of energized time that it takes to deeply read an article or book and then embed what I've learned into the teaching/learning program.

Hence, the start of a 2018-2019 study list, a list I'll add to and pull from starting now and through the summer of 2019.

Confident students
Student Skills
Factory Model?
Restorative Justice
Growth Mindset
Children are not Machines
Right Direction

Science Study
How to teach science, what's important?
Cooperative Learning
Updating program

Optimal Student Behaviors

Math Education
Diversity and Successful Math Education 
Inquiry Prior to Instruction
Build Math Minds website

Program Assessment
What matters in the machine age?
Culturally Responsive Classroom

Sense of purpose for students


Student Teacher Relationships
Make math teaching/learning playful
Math units and resources: DESE has many model resources and model units available too.
Teaching Math with Attention to Language
Computational Thinking
Design Thinking Advantages
Teaching Math with a Rubik's cube: what is an algorithm

Routines for Reasoning - read this book

Curriculum Bias Documents relayed by Administration

Role of Metacognition
Phenomena: Study of Science
Growth Mindset and Learning Math
Elevating the Reading Program
Math with Bad Drawings
Healthy Living