Monday, November 19, 2018

Natural Time for Reflection and Recallibration

There are natural times in the school year for reflection and recalibration. The Monday after Thanksgiving will be the perfect day for that this year. It's a perfect day since I'll be passing back homework packets and recent tests. It will also be the day before we begin a new unit of study and a new leg of the teaching/learning year.

To prepare for good reflection, review, and recalibration, I'll prep the following over the holiday weekend:
  • Good review of students' recent tests
  • Good review of students' home study efforts from September thru Thanksgiving
  • Review of online exercises 
  • Preparation of a reflection prompt
Then on the Monday after Thanksgiving, I'll pass back student work and ask students to complete reflections, share with me, and file those reflections and related papers into their showcase portfolios. This will be a good way to begin the next part of the teaching/learning year. Onward.