Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Moving the Curriculum Program Forward: Math and Science

This is an example of the learning menu that will be hosted on our grade level web page. 
This is the bonus section of that learning menu.
Last Saturday's ATMIM conference filled me with new ideas related to math teaching and learning. Yesterday and last night I had the chance to incorporate the first idea which is to better organize the students' math learning menu.

Jenifer Carline @jenifercarline shared the way she organizes her students' math learning menu which has students completing multiple activities that touch upon the many ways to learn math. Yesterday the student teacher and I worked on creating this newly structured menu, one that students will embark on next week as the student teacher rolls out her unit on coordinate grids.

Further, last night, I learned of our systems' elementary school goal while watching the district school committee meeting. The goal's catch title is "FOSS Fever" which essentially means teaching expected FOSS units with enthusiasm, engagement, and good knowledge and pedagogy. That's a perfect match for my upcoming professional day aimed at reading and research all expected information about our fifth grade physical science unit and matching that information with our environmental study grant and other grade five units of study. To grow the curriculum in ways that are meaningful for students is a worthy goal for educators and systems. I look forward to this work.