Saturday, September 22, 2018

Recalibrating Routines

Every new school year prompts the need to recalibrate routines. Once you begin to know the students and your own family's needs and schedules, it's time to create a routine you may follow each week to accomplish all that's integral to teaching and living well.

As I continue to think about optimal routines, I'm thinking about the need to do the following:
  • create optimal service delivery 
  • establish good feedback loops
  • spend time on healthful living
  • meet curriculum expectations
  • respond to student/family needs and interests
  • develop and grow my practice and the teaching/learning program
  • contribute to the greater good at school, at home, with the extended family, and in the the community 
None of us can do it all, but we all can contribute in ways that matter--matter to ourselves and matter to others. What's important here is a positive routine--what will our routine look like?