Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Question Conjecture, Assumption, and Judgement

I recognized recently that a long-held conjecture, judgement, and assumption was not true. For a long time, I had been operating under this erroneous perception and acting accordingly, and to realize that is was a false assumption is to understand that time was wasted and potential diminished.

This abrupt revelation teaches me that we have to be careful about making assumptions, trusting conjecture, and judging too quickly. Instead we truly have to take the time to observe, listen, converse, and understand one another and the work each of us does. When we are too quick to judge, we often err.

I believe that one reason I reached this revelation is that all of a sudden it seems like I am surrounded by wise people--people who are deliberate in their approach, words, and decisions--people who have been well groomed and led for leadership, support roles, and education. Simply to be in the midst of these great leaders and teachers is to learn and to become better at what I do and how I do it. I am grateful for this experience.

Now the big job in front of me is to learn as much as I can and then translate that learning into worthy action and effort--the kind of action and effort that truly elevates what can happen in schools to empower, engage, and educate young children well. This is an exciting turn in the education road for me. Onward.