Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Haste Makes Waste: Teaching Lessons

We all know the adage, "Haste makes waste," is a truth, but we don't always abide by that lesson. That describes my day today. I rushed in at 7a.m. to make a 180 copies of study packets and information. Then I managed an early morning help session, taught two classes, observed the student teacher teaching a lesson, had lunch, met with the student teacher, copied the field trip permission slip, ran a student meeting, supervised student play, attended a student-service meeting, and ran home to cook dinner. . . .it was a busy day, but not as busy as the days when I was also caring for my young children.

Of course there were a few errors on the field trip permission form, thus "haste makes waste," and thanks to a kind parent, the mistakes were quickly corrected via email.

I say it again and again, teaching is a limitless job--there's always more we can do, and to reach is to sometimes make mistakes, do too much, and miss a detail or two.

What remains most important is doing all you can for the students you care for, minding those errors, making better, and moving forward. Onward.