Monday, September 17, 2018

Goal Setting and Effective Effort: Teach Well

Our school is fortunate to have instituted service delivery meetings which are meetings where teachers get together to discuss our inclusive, personalized, and targeted efforts to help every child learn well.

During these meetings, we often trouble shoot together as we think about students' interests and needs.

As I think of the terrific staff involved and the wonderful potential these meetings hold, I'm wondering how we can develop our efforts.

One way I believe we can grow our work is to embrace a practice I learned many years ago when I studied inclusion and that effort is to prioritize our goals and how we hope to get there.

As I think about this and prepare for the next meeting a week ahead, I'll review students' math, organization, and general goals, and begin to prioritize those goals. Then, working with the team, I'll look at ways that we can work individually and collectively to help children reach those goals. I believe that a more thoughtful, systematic, and deliberate approach will result in greater gains for the children and our team.