Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday Musings: A Short, but Meaningful Week

Rainy days gave students a chance to make indoor recess choices.

It was a short, but meaningful week for TeamFive.

The main focus of the week included the following:

  • Practice using the online learning menu and homework routine
  • Study of numerical expressions and algebraic thinking
  • Practice using math tools 
  • An inspirational talk by Sam Drazin
  • Our first school assembly and related meetings about upcoming assemblies 
  • Continued reading about King Phillip's War and the colonial period in the United States
  • Picture Day
  • Reading, Writing, and more.
Next week is our first five-day week at school which will include four in-school teaching days and a field trip to the Boston Museum of Science. The big focus next week we'll be coordination of student services and response to individual and collective student needs and interests. As we get to know the students, we can better respond to the way they learn best and what they need with good learning design and coordination of service delivery. 

The year's off to a great start--may it continue.