Friday, August 03, 2018

What will you do?

Many outwardly and privately think me foolish to write so much about he threatening and dangerous words and actions of Trump, his family members, cronies, and fans. Yet having been witness via reading and elsewhere of the destruction that hate, destruction and crime can bring to lives, as well as the knowledge that to stay passive is to give the green light to this kind of activity, I know that to speak up and stay alert is the right thing to do today.

Yet to write from home day after day and intersect with social media alone is not sufficient. Yes, getting your words and viewpoint out there may have some impact, but you have to act too--you have to direct your actions in ways that positively influence and inform others.

So what will I do--what actions will match my words?

First, I believe that service starts at home. So as I've tried to do all my life, I will do what I can to support my family and loved ones to live well and reach their dreams.

Next, I chose to teach, and I believe good teaching matters. Hence, a considerable amount of my time will be spent reaching to meet the both individual and collective teaching/learning goals to help every child succeed at school with happiness--I want our students to develop the capacity to live good lives, to help one another, and to contribute to the communities they live in and belong to.

After that I'll continue daily reading, research, writing and advocacy. I'll learn what I can and do what I can to forward the following:

  • laws and policies that support environmental protection, 
  • personal and collective rights and freedoms, 
  • no prejudice, 
  • a healthy balance between collaboration and competition, 
  • good laws that sustain order and good living for all
I'll dig into what these main areas of life specifically mean in terms of time and activity more in the days to come, but for now, I've got a good shortlist to follow. Onward.