Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Second Day of School: Prep and Plans

Each day of the first weeks of school demands careful planning. Later the weeks will become a pattern of service delivery and care.

With the first day of school plans ready to go, it's time to look closely at day two--what will we do?

When students arrive, they'll pass in their word find homework papers and have a chance to reflect on the first day's tile pattern activity. Then we'll review names and routines. After that we'll discuss the first day's tile activity with a lesson about sharing your math learning led with the question: What's important when you share your learning with the rest of the class? We'll make a list of what is important and then I'll invite teams to get up in front of the class to share their tile pattern efforts and learning. Next, we'll watch Boaler's great TedTalk about learning math:

After students watch Boaler's Ted Talk, we'll discuss their takeaways about what Boaler had to say about learning math. Then we'll break for recess.

After recess, we'll revisit day one's discussion about teamwork. I'll ask students to share what worked well with regard to teamwork yesterday when they participated in the notecard challenge. We'll list those attributes of good teamwork. Then I'll introduce the lab report. I'll explain that a lab report helps scientists and engineers to keep track of their study, research, and experimentation. I'll tell them that they'll take a more scientific approach to the note card tower today and as they work, they'll complete the lab report. We'll review the lab report together and then students will work on the note card tower activity, an activity they did the day before, again.

Next students will attend recess and technology class, and after that, I'll introduce the timeline project so students can collect needed information at home, and then we'll continue our read aloud, James Printer, A Novel of Rebellion. 

Moved to Day Three:
I'll introduce the marshmallow-spaghetti challenge. Rather than jump into building, I'll ask students to think about the problem first and work with their teams to decide how they'll approach the task. I'll ask them to draw a plan as I review the design process and the varied possible goal of the tower including highest, widest, and most beautiful design. Then the next day, students will build their towers, reflect on the process, and share their work with the class.