Thursday, August 30, 2018

Orientation: A Positive Start to the School Year

Last year in an effort to provide students an opportunity to casually learn about the school program and to reduce the geographical distance between school and home for students who live further from the school community, we hosted an orientation. It was a successful way to start the year for new students and students distanced geographically. Today we'll host a similar orientation.

The orientation begins with a shared breakfast and casual conversation with the teaching team and students. Later teachers will help their homeroom students set up their materials, and then students will help teachers set up the classroom. We plan to engage in some playful, creative activities too. This is a good, positive chance to listen to students, learn about their interests, welcome them, and answer their questions.

Colleges do such a good job welcoming and orienting students, and often times, K-12 schools don't spend enough time or attention on a positive orientation. While this effort requires extra effort from many, I believe it's a positive effort--one I hope will grow in the years ahead.