Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Who do you work for?

As you consider how you spend your time and what you do, how do you answer the question: Who do you work for?

When we consider the people around us, we may ask the question: Who do they work for?

Naturally everyone works first for self because everyone spends time, money, and energy on what they do to keep their lives afloat with basic needs and other items and events the desire or need.

People work for their loved ones too--they often commit time, energy, and money to support their loved ones in ways that matter.

And, more often than not, people work for their clients, causes, objectives, and the profit of their own organizations and companies and those organizations and companies run by others.

When we consider who we work for or who others work for, we need to consider time. How people spend their time says a lot about who they work for--what they do with their dollars tells the story of an individual's needs, passions, priorities, desires, and challenges too. We can all make time to consider if the way we spend time truly matches our priorities or if we've fallen into routines of spending time on events and activities that don't mean that much to us.

The way we spend our dollars also says a lot about what matters to us? Where do you spend your most dollars, and what does that say about you and who you work for?

And energy too--we all have limited amounts of good energy. Who do we give that energy too? Does that match the people and objectives we choose to work for?

I worry about the way some political leaders choose to use their time, energy, and taxpayer dollars. I worry that they work too much for themselves and don't give enough time or attention to what all Americans need. I arrived at this conclusion as I watch these leaders ignore the needs of schools, children, and families in favor of making the rich richer and supporting policies, protocols, and laws that support wealthy businesses and business owners over the need to protect our environment, make quality health care affordable and accessible, and well support our public schools.

I think about how I spend my time, money, and energy too--I want to support my family, students, colleagues, and community in ways that matter.

We all have to make time to think deeply about these questions as we think of our own lives and the lives of leaders we support--we have to continually find ways to support others honest and well-intended investments of time, energy, and dollars to forward individual's lives and the life of our community, country, and world.