Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Value-Driven Living and Working

We all need to take a few minutes now and then to think about our values--what do we value and how are our values visible in the lives we lead?

It's also essential that we surround ourselves with people who support our values because it's difficult to live a value-driven life on your own, but when you are surrounded by others who share your values, your dreams, and your vision, it's a lot easier to make the life you desire a reality.

Over time, our values may shift. This shift is the result of life experiences, influences, and changes. We see life differently as we age, yet most of the values that characterize who we are and what we stand for don't change--values that may have been embedded in us from an early age.

I want to think about what I value today, and how those values are visible in my life--visible in my words, visible in my actions, visible in the way I spend time and money, and visible in the investments I make towards future action and efforts.

To make time for this kind of thinking at times when your values are not greatly challenged is to strengthen yourself for the inevitable value challenges that may occur in life.

What do you value?

How are those values visible in your life?

Who and what support your value-driven life?

What processes do you use to review, revise, refine, and renew your values as you age?

All good questions to consider now and then.