Saturday, July 21, 2018

Mid Summer Ramblings

It's mid summer. There's already been time for a short vacation, reading, family time, and some chores. The days are filled with all kinds of events big and small. I've never had this much free time since my 8th grade summer, and I am not having any trouble staying busy and getting things done.

As I look ahead, I realize I've leaned in my favored directions of reading, research, writing, and family time, and I've procrastinated on a number of less attractive tasks such as making doctor's appointments, cleaning the garage, and a few other more personal tasks.

Next week I'll urge myself to put the procrastination aside and complete some of those less attractive tasks as I know that once the school year starts, I'll be busy, busy, busy with rarely a moment to take a break or get those jobs done.