Saturday, July 21, 2018

Looking Ahead: Positive Collaboration and Good Work

As the summer sets in and I think back to the school year, I am proud of the good work our team at fifth grade did. I am also moved by the wonderful investment, creativity, and result demonstrated by so many committed colleagues and friends at the school where I teach and elsewhere. I'm fortunate to work amongst so many wonderful educators.

As I look ahead, I want to do the following:
  • Be open minded and willing to focus on individual and collective goals to better the work we can do with all students.
  • To work for good development and collaboration around ideas that will help us to teach better.
  • To listen carefully to the colleagues and administrators around me to hear their point of view, needs, good work, and ideas related to teaching well.
  • To be empathetic to the varied commitments and vision of many, and to be supportive in ways that I can be.
  • To focus in on the goals I've created, and to finesse those goals in ways needed to work with colleagues and others to reach our collective, school goals.
For the rest of the summer, I'll prepare to do this good work in the year ahead--work that will bring the satisfaction that I'm working on my own and with others to serve families and students well.