Sunday, June 17, 2018

True Beauty: Observation of Love and Change

During my life I was witness to a great struggle--one that pulled at heart strings, made people cry, and created anguish and lots of worry. I watched this saga play out over decades. There was always an underlying will to make the situation better, but the struggle continued.

Then yesterday I was witness to a big ball of sunshine that marked an amazing point of change, recovery, and success in this situation. I witnessed amazing love, good parenting, and lots and lots of happiness. I knew that this was the result of both real-world and other-world impact, and a result that truly marks a great turning point in a long-lived path of pain and struggle.

Always on the fringes of this episode in life, I've been the observer, and the lesson in the struggle is that with goodwill and perseverance, change does occur, and that sometimes you have to give in, but you should never give up. Onward.