Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Next Days: Teaching Well

The really challenging work of the year is over. I'll likely assess the big projects we engaged in over the summer, but for now--we did it, and now it's the softer, gentler time of the farewell week.

We'll meet our new students and have a chance to introduce them to fifth grade and hear from each and every one of them about what they like about school and what they hope for in fifth grade.

Our current students will share their thoughts about the year, clean out their desks, receive memory books and Jr. River Ranger badges, watch a slideshow, play, and get a celebratory clap-out on their last day.

I'll clean up the room. I did most of that already, however,  during the last cool days of spring. I'll listen to final administrative notes and then I'll start summer--a time to catch up with family members, complete personal tasks, read, study, and rest up for the next school year.

I would say that overall it's been a very good teaching and learning year--the children engaged in countless learning efforts, met their standards-learning requirements, and are ready for the next step which is Middle School.

Next year will open the door to new goals and new achievements. I look forward to the fresh start that every school year brings, and in the meantime, I'll do what's just right to prepare for that.