Monday, June 11, 2018

The Last Ten Days of School: 2017-2018 School Year

The school year is running long this year due to a number of weather events during the year. I actually liked the breaks the weather days provided, breaks to catch up on school work and rest. However, now that we're running late into June, it's true that teachers and students are a bit tired and ready for a break.

We've planned a number of great events to end the year, and the events are project based events which are engaging and positive.

The challenge is to keep your cool during these last ten days--days when teachers are feeling a bit of pressure to clean up classrooms, complete needed paperwork, attend special collegial events, and lead a number of special school events. It's a busy time, and when done well, a wonderful way to end a great school year.

As I think of this and think of keeping my cool during these final days, I have the following thoughts.

First, stay close to the classroom and the students. It's not the time of year to broach heavy-duty issues and change. When people are fresh in the fall is a good time to broach those issues.

Next, simply expect to do more these final days. Expect to work later with less support. Though I think it should be an all-hands-on-deck time of year, it often is a time of year when staffing is less for a large number of reasons.

Further, make the time to enjoy the students--leave them happy and relaxed with regard to all the year's learning and camaraderie. It's been an especially good teaching year this year so make sure the last ten days celebrate that with increased attention, care, and joyful learning activities.

So as I write I mark this officially as the final chapter to the year--a child-centered, joyful, celebratory chapter where I'll keep my cool and do all I can to celebrate the good year that it has been. Onward.