Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Betterment Business

I spend about three to five hours a day thinking about how to make things better. I love assessing situations, identifying opportunities for betterment, and then working towards that betterment on my own and with others with research, creativity, design, planning, prep, and implementation. The betterment activity is life enriching. It's exciting to see positive growth. To me, it is amazing what we can do to make things better. I have been witness to so many events in my life that have resulted in betterment, and I define that better by evidence of happiness, engagement, care, love, natural beauty, humanity, and opportunity.

I am not happy when I see sad children, distraught families, polluted environments, violence, and pain--I am happy when I see smiles, laughter, positive collaboration, design, growth, and all kinds of good, positive acts. Hence the betterment business--the work people do to make things better.

As I grow these efforts in the days ahead, what will I do?

I'll work with positive teams of people, research and study ways to make things better, and work in real time to make those ideas and efforts come alive in places big and small.