Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sexism and Schools

In years past we didn't see women as well represented in the curriculum, and I was a teacher who worked at making that happen more.

Recently, however, a survey demonstrated that some felt that boys were unfairly treated in school. I've been thinking about that and why it may be true.

I've also been thinking about statistics that demonstrate that there are less boys in the country ready or interested in college than girls.

I think there might be a correlation between the first very small survey and comments and the other much greater results.

As I think more about this, I want to do the following:
  • Make more time to talk to boys about their education at fifth grade. Boys typically are less forthcoming when it comes to sharing their opinions about school, and I want to draw that out more and respond to them.
  • Make sure that the signage focus and quantity reflects boys as much as girls particularly with regard to positive messaging about learning.
  • Think about the ways I group children together making sure that there are lots of opportunities to learn in both single-gender and mixed gender groups.
  • Informally survey students throughout the year to gain their attitudes in safe ways to inform the program.
While there was a bit of alarm at the small studies responses, there is also an open door to do better and think deeper about how we teach all students. Onward.