Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Recognition is Important

I don't believe we should work for recognition. Instead I believe we should work to meet the common goals and focus we've created together, and then we should recognize that which we've done well and that which we can do better via honorable and helpful process.

It is important to take time to meaningfully recognize that which we are doing well--the small wins each and every day that create positive and progressive programs, and in a similar respect it's important to recognize with respect, humility, and care that which we do that needs revision or strengthening, and we to understand why that work did not go as well as planned.

In all of this we have to be mindful and not cavalier--the time we devote to our work and the care we invest matters, and not to recognize that with detail and intent is to demean that work and those that do it.

Recognition is one important part of the overall work we do as educators--recognition of that which has gone well and that which can be better too.