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Monday, June 04, 2018

Powerlessness and Frustration

It is extremely frustrating when you know something is right yet your words and knowledge are not acknowledged or acted upon.

This happened to me recently and it has resulted in a great sense of powerlessness.

Essentially there is something that I know benefits my students well, but for a reason I do not understand, I am not allowed to use this vehicle of instruction. It feels like I'm not allowed to use this because I'm the one who has used it successfully and in the sphere of decision making related to this situation, I am often not heard or respected. Thus the resulting decision is that students are not allowed to use this instructional venue.

I am not in charge of this area of teaching and learning, and don't have authority over a number of decisions related to this--that's the way it is. In these areas I often feel voiceless and powerless, but that's the way it is.

I will continue to think on this issue in the days ahead, and find new ways to advocate for what I know to be right and good, but in the meantime sadly,  I'll have to accept what is.