Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Organization and Clean-Up For the School Year Ahead

There's much to organize and clean-up at the end of this school year to prepare for next year.

New Furniture
Not only was the Global Cardboard Challenge, a positive teaching/learning event, but it was a good way to clean out drawers of extra materials and a good way to use up our recyclables collection. The next step is simply put materials away and then in the more-energized days at the end of August, I'll set up the new room--hopefully the new furniture will be there by then and will be put together too. I've got some leg work to do in order to make that happen.

Science and Math Supplies
Once I do my summer study, I'll re-organize the science and math supplies to match what I read and plan for in the year ahead.

Essentially I'll do a big clean-up and purge by getting rid of materials I'll no longer use, and putting away materials I'll re-organize and sort at in late August. Onward.