Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New Challenges Bring Past Challenges to Mind

As I consider a recent challenge, I am thinking about the many challenges I've faced in life.

We all face challenges, and it's how we meet those challenges that matter.

As I think of my gravest life challenge, which is small compared to what so many face, I am thinking about what happened.

At the moment, I felt oppressed. I felt voiceless and disregarded in the situation. I became angry and raised my voice because no one was listening, responding, or regarding me or my opinion in the situation. No one could see what I could see, and no one cared about what I cared about.

It was wrong to raise my voice, yet it's understandable that I became very frustrated given the injustice that existed at the time.

I faced harsh circumstances for raising my voice, yet despite the hurtful response, I remained confident that my advocacy was well directed and my feelings of oppression and experience of injustice true. I learned a valuable lesson about raising my voice in the face of troubling circumstances and I also became rightfully less trusting of those who do not speak up and stand up for what is right and good--those that go along with what's convenient and helpful to them with little regard for others.

As I face a new challenge, a small challenge with respect to the significant challenges that exist in our world, I am thinking about the grave and hurtful challenge of the past. I am thinking about what I learned and what's important.

It's important not to raise your voice.

It's important to consider all sides of the situation and work with others for resolve.

It's important to keep the mission of what we do and who we are center stage.

It's important to act with empathy, love, truth, and care--none of us are above reproach and none of us have all the answers or no answers.

When challenge strikes, we have to do our best and act with our best knowledge, camaraderie, and skill--we have to experience the challenge, learn from it, and recognize that this is part of life.

In the end, it's best to know your truth and do what is right and good to the best of your ability and knowledge. That is the path I will take.