Monday, June 25, 2018

Last Official Day 2017-2018 Teaching Year

Today's the last official teacher day. There's a lot to do.

Room Clean-Up
I did a big clean-up and purge on Saturday. I got rid of all old, damaged, and dirty shelves and containers and made space for the new furniture.

New Furniture
I'm still hitting a few snags with regard to ordering new furniture as I need to measure existing chairs and check prices to see what I can get with the grant amount approved.

Taking Down Sticky Tape
Some room efforts simply don't work out like the big coordinate grid I made--that will take some time to take down as it's made with very sticky and breakable tape.

Cleaning Computers
Usually students do this, but we simply ran out of time at the end of the year for this kind of clean-up so I'll wipe the computers down this morning.

Staff Meeting
We'll have our final meeting of the year.

The earlier I start, the earlier I'll finish and then be ready for summer's restful time of fun and study. Onward.