Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hosting the Global Cardboard Challenge

There's a fair amount of chaos and lots of thinking at the start of the Global Cardboard Challenge
 as students navigate countless recyclables, cardboard boxes, and other materials.

Students are engaged in the Global Cardboard Challenge this week. The project was referenced in a New York Times article recently.

As usual, some students meet the project with great enthusiasm and others are less enthusiastic. Also some attack the project with tremendous creativity and skill while others don't know where to start. As educators we coach all students forward by introducing the design process, providing materials, supporting the design, building, and collaboration needed, and helping to manage the final day of play and celebration.

As we focus in on the project, I'm taking picture notes to record and assess the project. So far the greatest criticism I have is that our good time with uninterrupted blocks has been a bit compromised given how busy the end-of-the-year schedule is. In hindsight, I would have spent a bit more time on the first three design steps. On the positive side we're using IDEO's design process, a process used by the Middle School that students will attend next year. We're also building outdoors on the playground which provides lots of space and we have lots of great materials and good time coming up to support the project which will culminate on Friday.