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Friday, June 01, 2018

Friday Musings: June 1, 2018

We're currently deeply involved in all things related to the Global Changemakers Project including portraits, timelines, mini posters, interviews and costumes. Next week we'll dig in for a few more days to add those extra facts and details to bring every student's project to a high level of accomplishment.

It's been an enjoyable task to coach each student forward and learn about all these famous people throughout time. Similarly I've enjoyed how students listen in on the edits, pay attention to each other's reports, and compare their lives and the lives of other famous people to one another.

Next week we'll likely continue our quest to complete Symphony Math, practice math via a math tech menu, read a lot and as mentioned above complete and present the Global Changemakers project.

In the meantime, my son graduates from high school and I'll spend the weekend cooking, cleaning, hosting, celebrating, and attending the graduation. I want to put school and other matters aside to enjoy this special time and give him the recognition he deserves. Onward.