Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Field Day Prep and Thoughts

Today is Field Day.

Fortunately there's a lot of sunshine and some good air which helps to make it a great day.

Field Day has evolved to be a day far more focused on wellness and fun than competition yet there is still room for healthy competition. As with all special events, one aspect of Field Day that I like is that students who are great at sports, shine. Also it's an entire day focused on fitness and health.

Field Day brings a bit of challenge too with regard to a few who have trouble keeping up or self regulating. There's always the usual conflict too as children collaborate in a new setting with a new routine. However, the physical education teacher has spent considerable time and effort preparing students for the event. The children LOVE going to physical education class and never ever complain about the enjoyable games and exercises they do there.

As the teacher, my job is much like it is with a field trip which is to be an observant, positive coach throughout the day, a day without the typical breaks and supports available. Now it's time to prepare. Onward.