Saturday, June 09, 2018

Developing the Math Lesson

I am thinking a lot about how to develop deeper math learning next year. As I think, I am contemplating using the following approach.

Introducing the big idea of unit or standard that includes connections to the real world, rationale for teaching the standard, and questioning that wakes up the brain and  makes students think.

Exploration and Explicit Teaching
Time to explore and explicitly learn about the concept, skill, and knowledge related to the learning standard and goal.

A time for students to dig deep with their knowledge and use what they've learned to prove a problem solution or project result with models, words, and numbers. This activity will often happen in collaboration with others, however every child will have to present their findings. The teacher will edit the findings, and students will return to revise and make better as needed. These "Prove-Its" will be scaffolded from essential concept to enrichment and all students will be welcome to prove all levels of the assignment.

We will continue to formally and informally assess student learning.

More of Them, Less of Us
There will be more time for doing than teacher talking.

Homework: Reflection, Practice and Vocabulary
As Boaler suggests, the nightly homework will include short reflection, some practices, and a review of vocabulary. It will be simple with good extension for those who want more.

Homework Club
This year we fostered a homework club for a considerable amount of time. This was helpful and it's something I want to think about adding next year.