Wednesday, June 27, 2018


I like to consider issues with fictional stories which take me away from the details, places, and people related to a specific situation, and instead look at it with a bigger lens--a faraway perspective that helps the truth to shine through.


With short time and good intentions, the individual made a choice.

The choice turned out to be a poor decision, one that resulted in a backlash of negativity and hurt.

How could he/she have made that choice? the individual wondered. What caused him/her to act without any inkling that his/her actions would result in such criticism and pain?

Did he/she act quickly because he/she was short of time?

Was it his/her ego that fueled the decision?

Did the individual think he/she had all the answers and didn't need to consult the team?

Was he/she confused and too afraid to share the confusion with others to seek the truth?

Bottom line is that he/she made a choice that resulted in a strong and negative response.

What would he/she do?

The individual had a few choices.

The individual could simply stand up for his/her decision and blame those who responded negatively.

He/She could welcome the negativity and make time to speak to those who responded that way, hear their words, and figure out what happened.

He/She could apologize citing haste, error, and narrow perspective.

He/She could publicly renounce his/her decision and do it over in a better way.

Yes, the individual felt cornered. His/Her first instinct was to lash out to protect himself/herself and the decision made, but in the end, the individual knew that his/her decision was not the right one--he/she erred. The individual owned his/her error and worked with others to make better. They were compassionate as they understood that error happens, and what's important is to own it and move on to better.

What was troubling turned out as promising in the end.