Saturday, June 23, 2018

Burying problems results in destruction

It's not good to bury problems--it's better to deal with those problems sooner than later. Typically problems don't occur from one event, decision, individual, or set of circumstances, but instead problems are usually the combination of a mix of people, events, decisions, and circumstances. Problems that are not dealt with, occur again and again while problems that are dissected and resolved are not as apt to reoccur.

As educators we teach our students how to be good problem solvers--how to honestly and carefully face problems and resolve conflicts.

As I think of this today, I am thinking of apt process for problem solving and good channels of resolve.

Typically when children have problems at school, I listen to them. I help them resolve the conflicts on their own as much as possible since usually the resolve lies within them or with their collaboration with one another. I also try to help out in ways that I can too if there's a classroom policy, protocol, arrangement, or effort that feeds the problem.