Thursday, June 14, 2018

Be the Leader You Desire

We all look for leaders in our professional sphere, leaders who help us to do the good work possible.

Who is the leader you wish for?

What attributes do they display?

I desire to be this kind of leader to my students, the same kind of leader that I respect and look for:
  • sees you as a person first--someone who takes the time to get to know you
  • trusts your judgement, passion, and drive
  • works with you
  • lets you lead and make decisions
  • offers opportunities for growth and betterment
  • leaves you alone to do your work
  • doesn't conjecture about you, but instead asks you questions
  • entertains your questions with respect and response no matter how small or seemingly insignificant those questions may seem
  • values your individuality
  • recognizes that no one knows all or can be all things
  • has a sense of humor
  • shares their story
  • anticipates your needs and works to make life better for you in ways that matter
  • invests with you in shared endeavor and goals
  • learns with you
Fortunately there are some good leaders in my midst, leaders I do look to for mentoring in this respect. 

Now it's time to hone those leadership skills as I work with children today. Onward.