Monday, May 28, 2018

Walls Create Fear, Anxiety, and Tension

I sat in my open backyard today and realized how much more free and relaxed I feel now that we took down the wall of weeds, trees, and an old shed. Instead, now, I can look out into the forested wetlands and I sensed a much greater feeling of relaxation and peace.

I saw that feeling as a metaphor for the wall that Trump and his cronies want to erect between the United States and Mexico, and I realized once again that the answer is not a big, ugly wall as that wall will create greater divide, tension, and unrest. Instead we should work creatively with Mexico and perhaps Canada to to create ways of maximizing each country's great resources, beauty, and people to share in our collective wealth and opportunity--what can we do for each other that will translate into a more open, peaceful borders and harmony rather than an ugly wall that will create anxiety and not last as always what is more dignified and humane wins out in the end. A wall is a bad idea, working together for more peaceful, open borders and exchanges between the great people of North America is the best resolve.