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Sunday, May 06, 2018

Trump Times: Time to Look for the Next President

Trump times is a drama playing out on televisions and other tech devices all over the world. Like a good soap opera it's full of mystery, problems to solve, and dramatic characters. Unlike a soap opera, this is real life and his reality show threatens our national security, values, and unity.

Trump threatens our security because he has disregard for all the institutions, protocols, and people that have helped our country to succeed over time. He has no regard for people who have devoted their lives to doing good for the people of our country. He is quick to condemn those who work within the law to forward protocol, policy, and laws that uplift lives and lead to strong, peaceful global partnerships.

Generally in the United States there is an ethos to follow the law or change it, but there is not a long held value related to breaking the law, cronyism, telling lies, and acting against the interests of family, friends, and those you lead. Trump appears to disregard laws, tell lies, hire friends and family members, and act against those he leads, is related to, and befriends if it serves him well--Trump works for Trump, that's his first charge.

Trump threatens our national unity too since he mostly pits people, groups, and beliefs against one another rather than working to compromise and unify in the face of differences. He stirs controversy with his own interests in mind. This is not good for our country.

A self-serving ego-driven President is not good for our country. A President who looks in the mirror to find vision, direction, belief and value doesn't do well for our country. We need a president who looks out to the people for inspiration and vision, a president who seeks to serve all with good character, values, and vision.

President Trump continues to use back-vision to lead the country--he seems to want to restore values and lifestyles that accepted less equity and more servitude, less equality and more discrimination, and less opportunity and greater economic divide.

We need to be on the look out for our next President now, a President who will do the following:
  • Look for ways to rid our country of discrimination by example, law, policy, and opportunity.
  • Look for was to make our country safer with better environmental laws, policies, and protocols, less guns and weapons, better education and opportunity, and more welcoming communities.
  • Look for ways to build a peaceful global community by working with leaders of other countries to uplift life for all people beginning with the world's children.
  • Look for ways to make health care affordable and accessible to all of our country's citizens.
  • Offer a top-notch multi-service public school to all of the nation's children preK-college.
  • Protect and better the nation's soil, air, lands, and water--a nation with abundant, clean natural resources will spell betterment for all.
We need a President that recognizes that investment now means more money later for greater opportunity and better living--a President who doesn't just lead for the next sound bite, grandiose event, or his own and his family's power and might, but a President that recognizes the following:
  • A healthy, well-educated population is a more successful, happy, and peaceful population.
  • Clean lands, water, soil, and air means less illness and less expensive health needs.
  • Beautiful, welcoming communities that value and care for their natural and man-made spaces are communities that prosper.
  • Working with countries around the world to elevate good living means a better path for immigration and refugee issues--most people don't want to leave their homelands if their homelands offer them good living and ways to prosper.
I want to think more about our next President and whom she or he will be. There are great leaders all around us and we have to elevate these people to greater leadership--whom will we elevate to be the next President of the United States.

P.S. Yesterday I had the privilege to listen to an up and coming political star--I'm keeping my eyes on this individual.