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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thursday Musings: The Week Ahead

We're essentially on go with a steady schedule of activity from now until the end of the year. As I've stated numerous times before, the key now is staying focused. The week ahead includes the following:

Friday: Play rehearsal, science water filter activity, Cards for those we love including mothers, biography research, instrumental practice, and recess!

Monday: Essentially it's Science Monday with lots of science study and activities.

Tuesday: Science MCAS and biography project research/writing.

Wednesday: Science MCAS, biography project research/writing, play rehearsal.

Thursday: play rehearsal, biography project research/writing, math tech.

Friday: Dress rehearsal, math tech, biography research/writing.

Monday: Play rehearsal, math tech, biography research/writing.

Tuesday: The Play!

At recess we'll tend to our developing wood frog polliwogs and our many plants too.

To prep for all of these efforts, we'll do another big clean-up including putting away many science supplies we've used in the past few weeks. Onward.