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Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Next Teaching Year Starts Now

This year's teaching year is on go--we have every day planned with assessments, worthy study,  and project work that includes the following:
  • Final science and STEAM study and projects
  • Completing Symphony Math expectations
  • Report card completion
  • Lots of reading
  • MCAS tests
  • The fifth grade play
  • Field Day
  • The Global Changemakers biography project
  • The Global Cardboard Challenge
  • Environmental Studies Week
  • End-of-Year Portfolio Completion, Celebrations, and Special Events
With regard to this year, the goal is to spend each day meeting the needs of the projects above in positive, safe, and productive ways while the after school hours are mainly focused on getting ready for next year with the following activities:
  • Completing the paperwork and other plans related to WPSF grants for special visitors and new classroom tables and shelving
  • Ordering the materials we need for next year
  • Completing move-up letters, updating the website, and supply lists for next year's students
  • Determining summer study objectives and efforts
  • Analyzing assessments to see where we hit the expected goals this year and where we need to do more or different
  • Cleaning up and re-organizing the classroom to better meet next year's goals
  • Beginning to work on next year's calendar
The best part about this time of year is that we have a bit more time to connect with individual students and to watch students shine in projects and events that are less typical than the usual school menu. It's a celebratory time that demands good energy, time-on-task, and focus on next year too.