Friday, May 25, 2018

The Days Ahead

I think a lot about the days ahead--I'm always weeding and pruning my life path so that I have good energy for positive direction. I find that I need this daily self-reflection and coaching to keep good energy and drive. Otherwise it's easy to miss the most important efforts and steps ahead.

So today before I attend a special family event, I am thinking about the next five years and what will empower my path in ways that matter. In a sense, what you will read ahead is more of the same, yet I want to plant this path strongly in my effort and attitude so that I reach the vision I have, and will be satisfied with the work I do.

A Welcoming Classroom and A Welcoming Home
This means places with few items, good light, and the tools and objects we need to build warmth, welcome, and support. At home it means an open, peaceful, and positive place that's open to family members for celebrations, visits, and care. At school it means a warm home for the learning community--a place where we all have responsibility for one another, the learning tools/spaces, and peaceful, positive learning and teaching.

Quality Instruction and Learning Experiences
Digging into the details to teach with as much depth and strength as possible. This is a blended, multi-modal affair that requires daily attention, good coaching, and regular response, reflection, and revision. Quality instruction and learning experiences profit from a good teaching year routine as well as some summer study and planning.

Health and Happiness
If educators and family members are healthy and happy, they have more to give. This means that teachers need to strike a good balance and collaborate with one another so that they work well, take care of themselves, and have some time for play and recreation too.

Advocacy and Contribution
Society has potential to better support schools, families, and communities. We all need to find ways to contribute to this potential in ways that matter. This summer I'll attend the MTA Summer Conference to be schooled in ways that I can support the Massachusetts Fair Share initiative which is advocacy for a $15 minimum wage, greater support for schools, and better transportation within the state. I believe this initiative has potential to elevate individuals and families in our state. I want to learn more about this and advocate for better more in the days ahead as one way to contribute to the betterment possible.

I will assess my efforts in the following ways:

  • Are children and family members happy?
  • Are students making positive growth with respect to learning standards, attitudes, and efforts?
  • Are the learning and living spaces welcoming? Are people comfortable, happy, and productive in these spaces?
  • Am I doing more to help create communities of care? Are my efforts successful? I will keep track of changes and development in this arena.